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Formation Logistics provides strategic planning consulting to bring you better vendor quality and cost savings. With over 15 years of experience Formation Logistics specializes in maximizing efficiencies for companies of all sizes.

Whether you’re facing challenges in warehouse management, transportation, procurement, or operations, Formation Logistics offers customized solutions that will help your organization grow and gain a competitive advantage.



General Freight Transportation Service

Gain the competitive edge by using owner operators to move general freight class

Warehousing Management System (WMS) Consulting

Streamlined working solutions for supply chain systems of every size

Transportation Cost Savings Analysis

Reduce your freight costs while maintaining operational requirements

What Clients Are Saying

Kandyce is one of the most tireless, committed, and relentlessly positive people I’ve ever worked with. She’s reported to me at the company I cofounded, Carpe, for nearly two years – and through every day of that relationship, she has shown up and worked extremely hard to manage operations that increased in complexity month by month. Kandyce does not turn down any project or challenge, no matter how big – she is a determined problem solver who will always find a solution and always embraces feedback: At Carpe, she sourced excellent new vendors, secured better payment terms, and managed complex, multi-faceted supply chain projects amidst countless disruptions. She’s an effective and empathetic manager and leader, both of internal reports, and of the countless vendors she’s worked with while at Carpe.

Kasper KubicaCarpe Co-founder & COO

Kandyce is dependable, honest and extremely hard working. She listens intently to the challenge at hand giving her the ability to foresee any questions that may present themselves. I often consult her about product placement, marketing strategies etc. She continues to be committed to my success as well as others that she has worked with.

Jina LawHumanitarian, Actress, Model, Style, Personal Image Consultant, Mentor

Kandyce is a great communicator and very easy to partner with. She has an extremely high social IQ and is able to easily navigate through difficult situations. She does a great job prioritizing projects and managing her team. She is extremely organized and forward thinking. Kandyce is great asset to Carpe; I thoroughly enjoy working with her. She is a very dynamic thinker and always knows how to get the job done. Any team would be lucky to work with or for Kandyce!

Max RubinAccount Executive at FedEx

I have had the pleasure of reporting to Kandyce at Ply Gem and honestly have learned so much from her. Her determination and willingness to get her hands dirty when our group is short handed, proves that she is a loyal and dedicated manager that truly cares about the future of her team. No matter what time it is or how many hours she has already put into her workday, if you have a problem, Kandyce is always there to jump in and help.

Nicole PayeurSenior Integrated Logistics Specialist at PuraCap Pharmaceutical, LLC